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Pablo Bobbio Ph.D

Visual Artist / Photographer



Authorized to represent the Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti of Bergamo, Italy, in U.S.A. 

Since 1985, Pablo has taught different courses and seminars on “The Language of Change”, in centers and art schools in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and the U.S.A. 

He has presented thirty-eigth one artist shows in Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Yugoslavia, U.S.A., Uruguay, Spain, Finland, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Cuba, and Italy. The last one artist show was “Recycle” at the Vermeer art gallery in Bs As, Argentina also in 2014 “Horizontal” at the same  art gallery . Among those one artist shows, stand-up the Modern Art Museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Fine Arts Museum Ortiz Basualdo, Mar del Plata, Argentina; San Martin Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fine Arts Museum of San Juan, San Juan, Argentina. Fine Arts Museum of Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina. Emilio Caraffa Fine Arts Museum, Cordoba, Argentina. Juan B Castagnino Fine Arts Museum, Rosario, Sta Fe, Argentina. Fine Arts Museum of Entre Rios, Argentina. Fine Arts Museum of Bahia, Brazil, etc. Pablo had made one artist shows at the local art galleries: Sicardi Gallery, New Gallery, etc. And many others art shows in Argentina: Rubbers Art Gallery, Del Retiro Art Gallery, Carmen Waugh Art Gallery, Ruth Benzacar Art Gallery, etc. 

Author and director, the performance on “Artaud” at Commerce Street Studios. During the year 2011 he had made “WAR 30 Photos – 30 Writers” with the participation of one hundred nine writers and poets from thirty-seven countries, inspired by Pablo’s photomontages. This art exhibit is free of all political parties; it uses metaphorical language to expose the meaning of WAR. The international art show still scheduled to take place in the country of origin of each participant, beginning in Latin America and continuing the tour in Europe since 2011. WAR was showing at Casa Guayasamin, La Habana, Cuba in 2011 and in institutions of Human Rights in Argentina and the USA. Continuing its itinerary in Mexico at the Museo de la Ciudad de Queretaro, Queretaro, Mexico, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Aguascalientes, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Merida,and others museums and institutions around the world. Author of the project: “20 In – 20 Out” with the prisoners and the exonerates of the dead row in the USA, with emphasis in the state of Texas. Also “Trouble Minds” portraits of psychotic patients taken in Brazil during the year of 2015. The past 2017 Pablo was traveling India, Varanasi, he had made photo shots from that ancient city will be publish in a new portfolio “Portraits of India: Varanasi” and the portfolio on “Ephimerus”. At the present Pablo is working on the new series “Maya” and “Japan” for the future art show “Habitants” at Vermeer Gallery, in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2019. Pablo has made the performance “Scream and Echo” at the Centro Cultural Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1985/86. In 1990 the same performance at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires. Pablo was invited to performance “Scream and Echo” at the Teatro Sociale di Bergamo, Bergamo, Italy,. He was the founder the “Grupo IIII” in conjunction with argentinian artists: M.Melcom,G. Bertani, O.Monzo and G.Kuitca. 

He has taken part in over four hundred groups shows and received numerous awards. 

His artwork is represented in collections and museums around the world. Beside the mural at Santa Maria Church, at the Italian chianti region on the theme of the “Passion,(Via Crucis) in Siena. 

He is the author of the books: "Art: A Life System", basis for a different artistic education (1991/92) and “The Silent Language of the Body” (1997). 

His formal education includes a Doctor in Behavioral Science (Ph.D) with a minor in Art Counseling from the USA, Master of Science of Psychology (MA) from Brazil, and a Master in Fine Arts, (MFA) with a minor in Social Psychology, from Argentina. He is also an Instructor on body mind expression at Milderman School. He was an Instructor of Silent Language of the Body, at C. G. Jung Educational Center in Houston, Institute of Analytical Psychology and School of Expressive Arts from 1989 until 1999. Member of the International Freelance Photographers Organization, Correspondent of the US Press organization.  Also he is an active member of the Professional Photographers of America. Pablo is a writer collaborator for Arte al Dia International (American Art Corporation). He was the founder and director of the Experimental Center for Artistic Formation, Buenos Aires, Argentina, the BE Center for Expressive and Transformational Studies in Houston, Texas. Currently he is the director of TAO Therapy and Art Organization, these centers are dedicated to the research of human language through art and psychology. Faculty member at The Glassell School of Art, Junior School, Seminar on “Creativity”, Houston, TX. Contract Professor for the Leadership Department, Rice University, Seminar on creativity for undergraduate students, Houston, Texas. Bilingual Consultant/ Art Teacher, at Houston Independent School District, Houston, Texas. Art Teacher, Texas Institute for Art and Education, Houston, Texas. Chairman of the Department of Visual Arts. School of Humanities and Art. National University of Rosario, Argentina. In charge of teaching a staff of over 100 curricula of 56 courses. Rosario, Sta. Fe. Full Professor in the Department of Visual Arts, School of Humanities and Arts, National University of Rosario, Argentina. Courses offered: Painting I and II, Digital Art, Composition and Color Theory, and Drawing I and II. Invited Professor for the International Center for Advanced Studies in Art, New York University, New York, U.S.A. Founder and Director of the Art Department of the East - West Association, Barcelona, Spain. Founder and Art Professor, Art Department of the Center for the Development of Human Welfare, Menorca. Baleares Islands, Spain. 

He was visiting professor at New York University for the International Center for the Advanced Studies in Art, I.C.A.S.A., and was also invited by the Leadership Department to teach "The Structure of Creativity", and the seminar “The Art of Change” at Rice University in Houston, Texas. He taught “The Power of Creativity”, at The Center of Wellbeing and Creativity, Kiental, Switzerland, a Workshop on “Creativity” at the Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti, Bergamo, Italy, April 2000, and a Workshop on “Elements of Perception”, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, (Cathedra: Psychology of Perception), Pinacoteca di Brera, Milano, Italy. In 2011/12 he continually teaching a very successful seminar on “The feminine” (The Feminine) in the USA (Houston and Miami), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Mexico (Distrito Federal, Queretaro, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosi y Merida). As an actor trainer in productions in Houston and abroad. Bobbio was also an invited panelist for the Cultural Arts Council of Houston for the Multidiscipline Art Grant in 1996 and 1997. In 2012 was invited to teach at the Queretaro University, Psychology School the course on “The Art of Change” and the Guadalajara University invite him to lecture on “Soporte de las artes visuales en el tratamiento de PTSD” at the VII Congreso Internacional de Salud Mental, Centro Universitario de Ciencias de la Salud de la Universidad de Guadalajara. In 2015 was invited as a main conference at the 1st Congress on “La locura en la cultura”, Psychiatric Hospital Spiritas, Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul Brazil.  He was the Director of the department of Visual Art at the Casa Cultural de las Americas, and an invited Professor on Art Appreciation at the Lone Star College in Houston, TX. 

Pablo Bobbio resides in Houston and continues his private practice and his work in Visual Art (painting and photography), and searching continuously at the field of Psychoanalysis.


Pablo Bobbio Ph.D

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